Jan 20th

Youtube has been really boring to me nowadays. Might be because I watched too much.

These days, I’m trying to watch cultural, educational, historical channels etc as one can steal things like money but no one can steal knowledge.

After all I realized that talking to people is the most fun.

Jan 19th

When I was waiting for the train this morning, I accidentally dropped my 100 yen at the platform.

The 100 yen rolled around and fell to the train track.

I couldn’t retrieve the 100 yen anymore because it was dangerous.

I could have drunk two cups of my company’s coffee for that 100 yen, so I felt like I was ripped off.

Jan 18th

Recently I found an interesting book.

It was written by Hisako Yoshizawa, who is 100 years old.

It seems that 100 pieces of wisdom from 100 years old are introduced.

I intend to live up to 100, so I will read this wonderful book, I want to refer to the writer’s way of life.

It sounds easy to live simply, but it’s actually hard. Don’t you think so?

Jan 17th

This morning I got some good news.

I had gone to the ice cream exhibition, because I love ice cream.

As you know, the ice cream exhibition has been canceled since last year because of the pandemic. But it seems to be on this year.

I was happy to see this ad because tomorrow I can eat many different types of ice cream again. I’ve been happy since this morning.

I am going to the ice cream exhibition tomorrow.

Jan 16th

When I passed by an Indian restaurant while holding some ingredients for making a Japanese curry rice, my heart ached.

The restaurant has probably been open for two years. I have never seen customers enter in there.

I want to go to the restaurant, but I don’t have the courage to enter because there is no one inside.

It might be better to eat them than to actually make the curry myself.

If I could do that, I would be able to help them, but I can’t do that, so my heart ached.

Jan 15th

I got this rice cake from my boss.

I’m thankful to my boss, but it’s not enough for me because it’s small.

At least I can eat 5 more rice cakes.

I decided to put this small rice cake in a Japanese traditional soup and the soup name is suimono.

By the way, this is Doraemo I drew, but there was a gap between his eyes, it ended up to be a wierd Doraemon.

Jan 14th

In towns, I often see miniature light bulbs wrapped around trees.

Every time I see them I wonder if they feel uncomfortable.

If I were a tree wrapped up like that, I would feel uncomfortable.

If they could speak, towns would be filled with their moans because people wrap the trees so uncomfortably.

If there were a town with trees like that, it would be awful.

Jan 13th

A supermarket near my house has reopened, so I went there.

I wondered if the twins who worked before the supermarket reopened were still working there.

They had the supermarket closed for reopening since the last year, so I was relieved to see the twins still working there.

When I first saw them, I was surprised because they were both in charge of a cash register.

The twin boys were working politely, not careless, so I was impressed by them.

I’m going to go to the twins supermarket.

Jan 12th

I love the aroma of fragrant olives.

When I passed by the fragrant olives, I felt like I was in heaven.

The language of fragrant olive flowers is humility, intoxication, and eminence.

I will live in a new house with my boyfriend in April, so I am excited to plant fragrant olives in the garden of the new house.

It’s great to be able to see beautiful flowers from inside the house anytime.

Jan 11th

My holiday routine is to study English at my favorite cafe at 7 am.

When I was studying as usual, I felt like something prickle my collarbone. It was a neck tag. I was just wearing my clothes on backwards

No one may notice it, so I decided to wear the clothes as it is. However, I felt uncomfortable wearing it, so I pretended to go to a bathroom and freshened the clothes up.

I rarely use a heater at home, so I changed my clothes in a hurry.

I assume, that’s why I made a mistake to wear my clothes on backwards.